Let me bring you up to speed

This is all about some bitching playlistz reserved for those who know how to have F U N, and those wishing to learn how. If you cant see yourself singing Journey, MJ, and Bieber in the same night, please keep to your depressing stuckup self and go back to playing Trapt, Opeth and Godsmack at your local jutebox back home..

First here we will start with the most recent… My “ILikeYourSweater” Playlist. Made for the uglysweater christmas party. It was a huge hit… obvi. I started it about 1 hour into the party, and with the drinks flowing at a rate of ‘blackoutcertain’ the songs all hit right when they should have and dancing and good cheer ensued….and so did the bar


About jtortor2

These are my Playlists. People like them. Party on.
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